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Providing Sanctuary and Rescue to Parrots in Need

At Ruffled Feathers Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary we are home to an ever-growing flock of exotic companion parrots in all shapes and sizes, from canaries and budgies to cockatoos and macaws, they come to us from all walks of life to "retire" here in beautiful, sunny Florida to live in flocks of their own species. We rely on support from donors like you to help construct the large-scale flight aviaries these birds deserve.

We are the final step in what was for many of these birds, a long and enduring journey. Before they reach us some of these parrots have spent decades locked up alone in cages, never feeling the sun or wind on their feathers. Many were neglected or abused by humans, but even more come to us having abused themselves, self-mutilation often occurring in even the most well-meaning and proactive owners homes. As our outdoor flight aviaries have been constructed many members of our flock have been able to "escape" their cages, and now they live happily in flocks of their own kind, as nature intended. We have seen remarkable improvement in many birds physical and mental health and are pleased by how their social relationships are developing.

The five flight aviaries we have already constructed have provided a wonderful new home for the larger members of our flock and this upcoming year we are focusing on the "little beaks" and building flight aviaries for our large flocks of conures, cockatiels, budgies and other species. Your donations will help us achieve this goal.

Unlike other pets, parrots are not a domesticated species, they are captive wildlife. While these birds can never be released into the wild, we can give them as close to a natural experience as possible, letting them live out the rest of their extraordinary long lives in a flock setting where they can socialize, stretch their wings, and soar. Visit us at our website: or at to watch us as we keep growing and meeting the challenge to 'step up' and care for these birds in need of rescue and sanctuary.

EVERY DONATION MATTERS. No matter how big or small, every bit helps us in supporting the flock's needs. Spread the word and kindly share our fundraising efforts on your social media! You can also support us when shopping on, visit to choose us as your charity of choice!